Hacking, Making, and Playing


While the term hacking education could be taken seriously as all students in my middle school take a technology class and learn about coding, there is a more meaningful side to hacking. Other words you could use in its place would be tinker, fiddle, or ponder. It’s about finding other solutions or looking at a situation differently. Hacking is meant to improve problem solving skills.


Making allows students to get really get into a topic with their hands. Examples of making in education could be sewing, 3D printing, and wood working. Students get to be a part of making something and appreciate craftsmanship more. The understand what goes into a finished product and understand what all is made. I never appreciated fully appreciated all the work that goes into fixing a car, welding, or wiring until my shop class. Several times after class we would all walk out and just stare at the lights trying to imagine what to wiring must be and how crazy it was that it had to be the same perfect way every time. It was a lot to remember!


It is well known through the education field that children learn through play, but nothing is ever mentioned about past childhood. Play has so many health benefits well into adulthood. After a certain point, it becomes unacceptable” to play. adults need deep play to stimulate their minds. It does not have to be competitive to be stress relieving. Most realizations or “aha” moments happen when you are playing because your mind is allowed to leave a focused environment and may roam. Think about the thoughts you have relaxed driving or in shower. Different types of play have different benefits as well. An activity like a board game will improve problem solving skills. Playing with others also has benefits! It allows relationships to be built and social skills to increase. Studies have shown loneliness is often a sign of an early death. Playing can even help you sleep! The link below shows how teams of adults are affected by playing kickball together:


I myself am a workaholic and have recently been indulging more in play. I am currently working at a daycare so I am constantly on my hands and knees with kids and often getting lost in it. I have also started playing videos games (Sims 4 and House Flipper). I have been more relaxed and get through my days easier because I have something to be looking forward to. This has also helped my relationship as my boyfriend and I have decided to build a PC together so we can both play!

6 thoughts on “Hacking, Making, and Playing

  1. I agree that play is never mentioned later in life. I think we are so busy that we forgot to engage in activities that provide health benefits. I love that you are working on building a PC. Good luck and enjoy the process!


    1. Every time I think I learn something, I find ten more things I do not know about! It is definitely more Kyle’s area of expertise but it has been fun to learn about and see his passion.


  2. I like your ideas and concepts of how adults need to have more play in their lives, just has much as children do. I have recently been playing Luigi Mason 3 on the Nintendo Switch, actually I’ve been beat the game over four times now. But it’s helped manage stress and takes my mind off things I can’t control. I also play games with my children whether it be Mario Kart, or board games.


    1. I did not understand the video game “hype” until I finally broke down and downloaded the sims. I had tried other games and had different consoles before but with this game, it clicked. It brings joy and gives me something to work towards (if I finish this assignment I get to play for half an hour!).


  3. Play is so important!! I absolutely agree with your perspective on this. Being home with my family these past few months has been very inspiring to our play. We are more humorous and attentive to one another as a result.


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