Creating My Personal Learning Network

The class I am taking this summer requires me to write an entry on personal learning networks as well as create one of my own. I defined personal learning network as a network of trusted parties an individual learns from. One of my favorite parts of a personal learning network is the network part of it. Most of the “professional groups” I know or am a part of consists of people in my profession or education level or degree focus. The idea of a network is that it is all the people have different areas of knowledge, expertise, and passion. Everyone can be a part of so many because it is personal. It does not have to be about my career. It can include educational, math, relationships, history, hobbies, etc. It is all up to you. While I everything is slower for the summer, it should be a great time to find people who share at least one of my passions and connect. I am plugging into people who will hopefully further my dreams and teach me new things daily.

I ran into many challenges making my personal learning network. One of my problems was that I was doing it for an assignment where I had numbers to reach. I struggled to find my minimum of one hundred new accounts to follow. Finding professional/serious twitter accounts was also a struggle. My passion based learning topic is relationships and many of the twitter pages are targeted towards a younger demographic. many of those accounts only post quotes wither black font on a white background or some “inspirational” picture. While I enjoy these pages as much as the next person, they are not what I am looking for in my personal learning network. The world events have also effect most people’s content. While I understand why it is important to voice your opinions, It made it hard to see what their original content was. I wish there was a way to view posts prior to a certain date or filter through a specific persons tweets. I am sure that there is a hack or some application that allows these things to be done, but in some time, content will return to everyone’s passion. Picking during this time was difficult. I felt so limited in what I could find. If I had not had a solid number, more time, or done this at a different time, I feel as though I would have had a better, easier time with creating my personal learning network.

2 thoughts on “Creating My Personal Learning Network

  1. I also struggled with the numbers because quite simply, I’m not interested in quickly trying to throw something together that was not quality. My professional Twitter was started almost two years ago and it’s been very intentional. I loved this assignment though because I didn’t realize what I had begun to create on my own and the power of it. It’d definitely something I will continue to build.


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