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DS106 (also known as digital storytelling) is chaotic mess to walk into unprepared. So if you are logging in for the first time, what can you expect? What does DS106 have to offer? What is it? The easiest question to answer is the what. It started as a digital story class offered in person at the University of Mary Washington. In the spring of 2011, it was opened up online for anyone to join. It has now grown into a radio and TV station, and an assignment bank. DS106 has allowed creativity to bloom and fostered a new community of people form all over. Digital storytelling is free and you can join whenever and leave when you wish.

The course is meant to develop technology skills for networking, narrating, and self-expression. it allows everyone to create their digital identity using different mediums as well as the knowledge to make new media. The open course can be found at the link below. once you get started it is hard to stop! After the course, stick around for daily creates and other assignments and challenges.

They even have daily creates that can be posted many places and shared with others who are making new creations. Each day there is a new task that allows you to capture moments through text, images, audio, videos, etc. to show your daily life. Today (june 27th) they want to see your clock, the one you look at most, the prettiest, your favorite, etc. They specificy a picture or drawing but visuals and audio have been used as well. below is my favorite submission so far. The caption was “#tdc3089 #ds106 I have a “left-handed” clock, that goes anti-clockwise.”

#tdc3089 #ds106 I have a “left-handed” clock, that goes anti-clockwise.

Sarah Honeychurch Twitter: @NomadWarMachine

Now, I have been challenged to do The Daily Create for 20 days, and I challenge you as well. It is important to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. There is no harm in giving this a shot, it is free! Nothing has to be posted or saved. Follow my journey through 20 days of The Daily Create Challenge on my twitter (also below!). Let us all try something new and be more creative. Let’s make a change in our routines together.

DS106 Open course:

DS106 The Daily Create:


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