Successful Relationships Around Me Pt 1

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by many successful relationships as they have formed, grew, and blossomed. Today I asked some of my peers and friends who are currently dating to share a tidbit about their relationship and a tip. I suppose I truly have the easy job because I have endless characters, time, and posts to share my relationship and these three couples had it sprung on them on a Saturday afternoon. Twitter and Instagram handles for each are included below the picture if you are looking to dive into their world and be inspired. This is the first of many installments!

Hunter and McClain

I met Hunter the January of my first year at Chadron (five months after moving up) and it’s hard to believe there was a time we were in the same town and were not best friends. Hunter and McClain got together this year after being friends for a few months. She described their relationship as never boring. “We’re always doing something even if it’s nothing.” Her tip is to “trust your human, otherwise, you won’t last long.” He said “I don’t think i can sum up our relationship into one sentence.” There were simply too many great things according to him. His tip was to remember to love each other even during the hard times.

Elizabeth and Brandon

Elizabeth and I are the friends that pull together in the hard times and usually just catch up every now and then. Liz is one of my friends that in the end will always be there. She and Brandon described their relationship as natural and unforced; they “click.” They always look out for each other and put the other person above themselves. Their tip is to always set future goals (individually and together), then help each other achieve their goal, as well as the common goal. “Also trust, without trust you have nothing.”

Josie and Ryan

I met Josie during my first year at Chadron and to say she turned my life upside down would be an understatement. on the surface, we appeared to be total opposites (different passions, hobbies, past-times, etc.) but deep down we are more alike (caring, bold, loud, etc.). Josie said it has definitely been a wild ride for the two of them but it was all worth it because she wants to be with Ryan for the rest of her life. She wouldn’t choose anyone else to experience the ups and downs. They say that a relationship can be taxing, but as long as you have someone to hold that you love and that loves you endlessly, it’s all worth it. There shouldn’t be temptations or second guesses. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with should accept your flaws and vice versa. There’s no better feeling to them than the feeling of each other’s love. True love shouldn’t be sought after; it is a gift after patience and heartbreak. “Patience is a virtue and when you love someone, there is nothing easier nor harder.” She also sent me two pictures so I thought I would include both!

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