Successful Relationships Around Me Pt 2

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by many successful relationships as they have formed, grew, and blossomed. Today I asked two amazing young women, who I have been blessed to know as long as I have, who are currently married to share a tidbit about their relationship and a tip. I suppose I truly have the easy job because I have endless characters, time, and posts to share my relationship and these three couples had it sprung on them on a Saturday afternoon. Twitter and Instagram handles for each are included below the picture if you are looking to dive into their world and be inspired. There’s always more to come! Feel free to check out Part 1 here.

Melissa and Garrett Shuck

Melissa was the first to respond. We have been friends since middle school. She met Garrett (a current Marine) late high school. The two began dating April of 2016 (end of junior year) and got married in December of 2017. They now live in California with their two dogs and are about to begin fostering kids! Melissa sent me a book so I will do my best to paraphrase her numerous tips!They advise to communicate about everything and never keep secrets. They thrive off sharing emotions. It is never a 50/50 thing. “Some days I could be a 10 and Garrett has to pick up the slack and vice versa!” Always support you S/O but never lower your standards. grow together, not tear each other down. Respect your spouse and make sure you are always on the same page. Never share fights you have had. If something is wrong it is okay to take a minute and calm down, but you still have to talk it out. It’s okay to disagree, but you need to understand each other’s perspective.

Izabella And Quinn Higgins

Izabella (or Bella as I know her) and I have been friends since mid 2017. Since then, we have grown together as individuals. When we met, neither of us were in the best relationships or places in life. Now we have found our people and happiness. It has been amazing getting to talk to her about her relationship and how it grew and comparing how we grew as well. Bella met Quinn towards the end of 2017. The two got married last September in a fairy tale-like evening. Bella sent me both of their responses, and Quinn insisted on his words being used (sorry grandma!). His advice is to have copious amounts of sex and always baby each other. He says they got a lot of hate for getting married so young but he just knew. “When you love someone so unconditionally, age doesn’t matter.” Bella said to shower together often. “It’s a different and special kind of intimate to clean each other. It’s like falling in love with them all over again.”

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