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Digital Activism

What is digital, internet and online activism? Digital, internet, and online activism are all the same thing. They are essentially a mass effort online but using different digital tools, from people all over the world to cause a social/political change. So essentially, it is a virtual sit-in where anyone and everyone can share their opinionsContinue reading “Digital Activism”

Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship? Digital Citizenship as an umbrella definition is the responsible someone who uses computer, digital devices, or the internet has. There are nine themes: digital access, digital commerce, digital communication. digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness, and digital security (self-protection). It should be taughtContinue reading “Digital Citizenship”


DS106 (also known as digital storytelling) is chaotic mess to walk into unprepared. So if you are logging in for the first time, what can you expect? What does DS106 have to offer? What is it? The easiest question to answer is the what. It started as a digital story class offered in person atContinue reading “DS106”

Passion Based

My parents divorced the summer after I graduated high school. While this didn’t happen during my early childhood, it altered my life more than I could imagine. In my head, my parents had the perfect relationship and marriage. They fought but they always found a resolution. From what I saw growing up, I thought IContinue reading “Passion Based”


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